WordPress Support

Fast, Professional, & Expert Website Support

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We are here to provide top-notch website support and industry-leading response times.

Whether it’s contact form errors, visual issues, malware problems, or the dreaded “WordPress white screen of death,” we’ll fix it. We’ll also prevent WordPress problems from happening through daily website maintenance tasks. Our experts are on-call to fix any website problem for you.

WordPress critical errors & issues

Let us fix your WordPress critical error issues and plugin problems.

It’s not uncommon for something to stop working or look strange after a plugin update. Sometimes the website can even go down. We’re on-call to fix these issues.

We can troubleshoot plugin errors or revert back to the previous plugin version until a corrective update becomes available.

Mobile website issues fixed

We fix mobile website issues and display problems

Parts of your website can get cluttered, cut off, or even hidden on phones. Phone numbers may not dial when tapped. Whatever the problem is, we can handle it.

Third-party integration solutions

We can help with newsletter syncing, payment integration, and more.

If a 3rd party service is not working or communicating properly with your website, we’ll get it working again. 3rd party services include MailChimp, Salesforce, Stripe payments, PayPal, Aweber, Google Analytics, Instagram feeds, PDFs, YouTube videos, Ecwid, and more.

If your 3rd party provider has instructions on how to correct a problem, you can forward those details to us and we’ll handle it for you. If the issue is on the 3rd party’s end, we’ll let you know what it is so they can fix it.

Example of WordPress Support

Did you know? We don’t just support WordPress; we can support any website software, including Joomla and Shopify.

  • Fix a hacked site
  • Regular Updates
  • Fix the white screen of death
  • Configure a WordPress Plugin
  • Set up DNS Records
  • Set up website caching
  • Speed up a Wordpress Site
  • WordPress Migration
  • Fix a WordPress database connection error
  • Contact forms not delivering emails
  • Fix PHP Errors
  • Tweak CSS